Monday, May 15, 2006 

Turning Down a Job

I turned down a job today. It seemed like a really good fit. I really liked the office, the work I'd be doing, and my commute would have ROCKED. But there were two problems: salary and driving.

Surprising, the salary wasn't the big thing. I think I could have gotten it raised to what I'm earning now, so that was almost a non-issue.

But the driving? I applied to a place that is ONE BLOCK from the metro. And my boss wanted me to drive into work every day so I could drive to the courthouses!

Oh, no. Oh hell no. I do not drive on the Beltway. DO NOT EVER.

And so I turned down a job I probably would have liked alot, based on my fear of gridlock. I'm that person that you hate - the one who goes the speed limit exactly and is too scared to really move. So I avoid highways and stick to good old country roads. I feel more secure on them (esp. since my car shakes at 55). In a way, this is good for all those people who hate drivers like me on the highway. At least I know to stay off of it.