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Thursday, April 27, 2006 

Toilet Times Two

Why is it that today I had to explain to a thirty five year old man that a dixie cup on a stick will not unclog a toilet? And that it's the SECOND time he's done something so stupid and we've had to call a plumber? Further, since we have a perfectly decent plunger, why not use it?

At least my co-worker who isn't really licensed as an attorney left. Thank goodness. She freaked me out just by being there - I felt dirty just being in the same room. (yeah, I know... I got some problems, but eh).

Oh, and it appears that chicken pox is running through the studio... the week before recital. Just what I've always wanted. And although I've had it, my brother hasn't. And he's in like five dances and my mom pulled him out. Paranoid.