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Monday, March 20, 2006 


If you're going to ask me a work-related question and I'm in the middle of answering it, DO NOT tell me to "shut up" because my guy supervisor in the other room has "the best story ever to tell." Esp. since they aren't good stories and completely don't matter when it comes to work.

And after the story, SO DO NOT ask me, "So what were you saying?" 'Cause what I'll do is say figure it out yourself. Which I did.

I feel your pain. I'm very frustrated at work lately. I almost did something stupid on friday, but I decided to wait 'till this wednseday to do it. I think if I still feel like doing it on wednesday, then it wasn't me doing something rash that I might regret later.

In the meantime, I'm keeping myself calm by muttering "fcuking asshole" beneath my breath whenever one of these asshats walks into my office and says hello to me.

i am interested in ballet classes. my old studio suffered lots of damage from katrina and may not reopen. any suggestions? thanks so much

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