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Thursday, March 30, 2006 

Small Annoyances

So Bubbles and her clique decided to go out for drinks today. And while I don't want to join them, it REALLY bugs me that they invited everyone else in the office by name if they wanted to go - except me. So it's more of a let's-not-talk-to-lawdancer thing. Not cool.

Honestly, they are so annoying at work it makes me want to scream. Today, they discussed every pair of jeans they own, and how their boyfriends don't have nice enough jeans. How boring. Luckily I'm in another room actually working, so I can tune them out for the most part.

But still . . . it reminds me of high school. Particularly since these aren't the most ethical girls. Well, at least one of them (who pads her time sheet and still isn't licensed. It is so hard to treat her with any kind of respect, because I have none for people like her. I wish that she would face some kind of consequence sometime for it, particularly as she pretty much drifts through life, capitalizing on her parent spoiling her.)

I need to get out of here as fast as possible. Preferably to a place where they only hire licensed attorneys.

Some folks don't evolve past high school. Getting stuck working with some of them has got to be one level of hell. Good luck.

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