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Saturday, March 18, 2006 

New Orleans today

I wrote this for myself awhile back... I just feel like posting it now.


They aren't kidding when they say photos don't do it justice. That's because the things that make it feel so off are experienced in other ways. Like being the only car for block after block. Like seeing crows picking at ....I don't want to know. The undending silence that becomes so loud you yourself want to scream to break the monotony.

Then you drive a few more blocks and the streets are filled with raucous crowds who glitter as they move from the beads the all wear. The parades are loud enough to make you deaf and everywhere you go you see people going about the business of living.

Like I said, complete dichotomy.

But after being with the people for awhile, you start sensing the underlying changes the city has undergone. The random streetlight that's out. The lack of high school bands. The paint on the front of houses. The favorite restuarant that isn't open. The grocery stores closing at 6 PM. It's like the dead part of the city is creeping into the living part to ensure that people remember. That's why the people who live there now act almost frenetic, as if by partying harder they can show the world just how alive they are.