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Thursday, March 02, 2006 


Well all, I'm back from New Orleans. Crazy, wonderful, sad trip. I'll give details later.

While I was gone, Bubbles actually had two interviews with the federal government, one of which was a job that I think I applied for as well. ::boggle:: Also, she's given up Starbucks but not coffee for Lent, which doesn't really work because it's Starbucks brand here. I guess she's trying to save money or something.

Five new people are starting today. Bubbles saw their resumes while I was gone and commented on them. Not good.

Oh, and a former co-worker emailed me and asked me out for coffee. Very odd. I'm wondering if a simple "no" would work, or maybe I should be more elaborate, like: "No, you sleep in bathtubs and I just celebrated an anniversary with my boyfriend! Oh and weren't you engaged?"