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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 


Yes. I know I've been bad about posting lately. But I've been crazy busy and a little sick (the I-come-home-and-go-to-bed-at-8:30-PM sort of sick).

Work is still driving me slowly mad. There were five new attorneys to train the day I got back. The competant one was fired since she gave a week's notice that she had a permanent position. One boy is OK (Except for the wheezing and spit bubbles), while the other is just...bad at this job. And the other two girls are friends of Bubbles. And act like it. The noise can defean you. (Note to Blonde Law: Chup-a-cobra lives! Please shoot me.)

Oh, and the girly girls (they are now a pack and get a name for the whole, besides their names rhyme and I can't tell them apart) are crazy vegatarians. Sorry, frutarians. This means that they only eat fruit (and peanuts and soy nuts - no I don't know why they think they are fruits). Luckily, wearing leather is OK. And fur is bad. Good to have that cleared up. But if they tell me it's wrong to have a Lean Cuisine for lunch again, I'll give them more of my death stare and start talking about Kobe beef. Not that they don't already want to kill me for pointing out that reading the documents we are working on is a good thing. Not to mention coding them right. Honestly, you'd think they were trained by someone who is never bothered to got sworn in as an active attorney (smacks head). But that would never, ever happen.

All I need at this point is for the guy in the back with me (Wheezy) to move to the front room and leave me alone with my computers in the back. I can still code more than the rest combined (it's not hard to beat 14 documents a day per person when the goal is 100-150).

In brighter news, it looks like I have a position starting in May at the PDs office. But this guy who I applied to work for a while ago is also expressing interest in me. Since he has a kick-butt criminal practice, it might work out. But I think I would rather do the PD for experience. Ah, well. We'll see. At least my days are numbered.

I've been working on some posts about my trip, but I don't know if I'll ever publish them. I certainly won't without some major editing. The trip was very raw and emotionally draining in good and bad ways.

Damn the chup-a-cobra!! I can't believe they are still talking about that and finding it funny. That began and was only marginally funny 4 months ago!

You should skin C/R-ory and tell her you've found one right here in DC :) J/K Harming of animals is never encouraged.

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