Thursday, March 30, 2006 

Small Annoyances

So Bubbles and her clique decided to go out for drinks today. And while I don't want to join them, it REALLY bugs me that they invited everyone else in the office by name if they wanted to go - except me. So it's more of a let's-not-talk-to-lawdancer thing. Not cool.

Honestly, they are so annoying at work it makes me want to scream. Today, they discussed every pair of jeans they own, and how their boyfriends don't have nice enough jeans. How boring. Luckily I'm in another room actually working, so I can tune them out for the most part.

But still . . . it reminds me of high school. Particularly since these aren't the most ethical girls. Well, at least one of them (who pads her time sheet and still isn't licensed. It is so hard to treat her with any kind of respect, because I have none for people like her. I wish that she would face some kind of consequence sometime for it, particularly as she pretty much drifts through life, capitalizing on her parent spoiling her.)

I need to get out of here as fast as possible. Preferably to a place where they only hire licensed attorneys.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 


So, I have a co-worker who says she lives in New Orleans (which I confirm she didn't - she lived there when she was eight, years ago). And today she goes on and on about the damage and her family and how they reacted - except for the fact that SHE HASN'T BEEN BACK, AND HER FAMILY ALL LIVES UP HERE AND HAS FOR YEARS.

And my co-workers are hanging on her every word.

But when I started working here and the hurricane hit, did they care? No.

When I came back from visiting New Orleans a few weeks ago, did they want to know anything? No.

So instead of hearing truth, they are listening to how all people from New Orleans are stealing, lying crack whores who loot everything they can touch (her words - not mine). I know that's more interesting, but still. I find it incredibly annoying.

Monday, March 20, 2006 


If you're going to ask me a work-related question and I'm in the middle of answering it, DO NOT tell me to "shut up" because my guy supervisor in the other room has "the best story ever to tell." Esp. since they aren't good stories and completely don't matter when it comes to work.

And after the story, SO DO NOT ask me, "So what were you saying?" 'Cause what I'll do is say figure it out yourself. Which I did.

Saturday, March 18, 2006 

New Orleans today

I wrote this for myself awhile back... I just feel like posting it now.


They aren't kidding when they say photos don't do it justice. That's because the things that make it feel so off are experienced in other ways. Like being the only car for block after block. Like seeing crows picking at ....I don't want to know. The undending silence that becomes so loud you yourself want to scream to break the monotony.

Then you drive a few more blocks and the streets are filled with raucous crowds who glitter as they move from the beads the all wear. The parades are loud enough to make you deaf and everywhere you go you see people going about the business of living.

Like I said, complete dichotomy.

But after being with the people for awhile, you start sensing the underlying changes the city has undergone. The random streetlight that's out. The lack of high school bands. The paint on the front of houses. The favorite restuarant that isn't open. The grocery stores closing at 6 PM. It's like the dead part of the city is creeping into the living part to ensure that people remember. That's why the people who live there now act almost frenetic, as if by partying harder they can show the world just how alive they are.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 

New Jobs Redux

So, Bubbles has a job! Thank goodness. She can leave and go attempt to practice law elsewhere and get out of my hair.

The offer was extended, she's going to quit, but it's contingent on her becoming barred in DC (They give her several months). Since she can't be barred here, she'll be fired there.

All the other temps have interviews soon too, but they are places I would never consider working at. So, soon it'll be me and my supervisor sitting around here. Which will involve me hearing alot of stories about his school, etc. Ah well. I can stand it. Maybe I'll get a raise.

Saturday, March 11, 2006 

Other People's New Jobs

So one of my supervisors has a new job. She hasn't told our boss yet becuase he'll most likely hit the roof. But listening to her tell about it, it sounds pretty bad. She's working at [BigLawFirm] supervising paralegals. Not as an associate, of counsel, or staff attorney. Just as staff. And she has to be there at 8 every morning (with us, 10 - 11 is a good start time for her when we get there at 8)

What I don't understand is that she's incredibly smug about this. And to celebrate, what did she do? Bought a cartier watch. Not that I'm against them, but she has one and a rolex. So, why spend money when your accountant told you that you owe the IRS tens of thousands of dollars for failure to pay taxes for two years at all? My mind just can't wrap around this.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006 


Yes. I know I've been bad about posting lately. But I've been crazy busy and a little sick (the I-come-home-and-go-to-bed-at-8:30-PM sort of sick).

Work is still driving me slowly mad. There were five new attorneys to train the day I got back. The competant one was fired since she gave a week's notice that she had a permanent position. One boy is OK (Except for the wheezing and spit bubbles), while the other is just...bad at this job. And the other two girls are friends of Bubbles. And act like it. The noise can defean you. (Note to Blonde Law: Chup-a-cobra lives! Please shoot me.)

Oh, and the girly girls (they are now a pack and get a name for the whole, besides their names rhyme and I can't tell them apart) are crazy vegatarians. Sorry, frutarians. This means that they only eat fruit (and peanuts and soy nuts - no I don't know why they think they are fruits). Luckily, wearing leather is OK. And fur is bad. Good to have that cleared up. But if they tell me it's wrong to have a Lean Cuisine for lunch again, I'll give them more of my death stare and start talking about Kobe beef. Not that they don't already want to kill me for pointing out that reading the documents we are working on is a good thing. Not to mention coding them right. Honestly, you'd think they were trained by someone who is never bothered to got sworn in as an active attorney (smacks head). But that would never, ever happen.

All I need at this point is for the guy in the back with me (Wheezy) to move to the front room and leave me alone with my computers in the back. I can still code more than the rest combined (it's not hard to beat 14 documents a day per person when the goal is 100-150).

In brighter news, it looks like I have a position starting in May at the PDs office. But this guy who I applied to work for a while ago is also expressing interest in me. Since he has a kick-butt criminal practice, it might work out. But I think I would rather do the PD for experience. Ah, well. We'll see. At least my days are numbered.

I've been working on some posts about my trip, but I don't know if I'll ever publish them. I certainly won't without some major editing. The trip was very raw and emotionally draining in good and bad ways.

Thursday, March 02, 2006 


Well all, I'm back from New Orleans. Crazy, wonderful, sad trip. I'll give details later.

While I was gone, Bubbles actually had two interviews with the federal government, one of which was a job that I think I applied for as well. ::boggle:: Also, she's given up Starbucks but not coffee for Lent, which doesn't really work because it's Starbucks brand here. I guess she's trying to save money or something.

Five new people are starting today. Bubbles saw their resumes while I was gone and commented on them. Not good.

Oh, and a former co-worker emailed me and asked me out for coffee. Very odd. I'm wondering if a simple "no" would work, or maybe I should be more elaborate, like: "No, you sleep in bathtubs and I just celebrated an anniversary with my boyfriend! Oh and weren't you engaged?"