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Saturday, February 18, 2006 

One Day, Three Meltdowns - What More Could a Girl Want?

So today, there were three meltdowns in my life. And no, I did not have any of them

Meltdown #1: My dad.

Somehow, I ended up helping him edit his brief due Tuesday to the court. Problems include: he leaves town Monday and it SUCKS. Big time. Reminding my dad of bluebook = not fun. He kept telling me I was overloading my brain (I think he meant his though).

Meltdown #2: My student.

After class, two boys were playing in the corner. One puts the other in a headlock and makes him pass out. He falls to the floor, completely unconscious, about an hour before his brother picks him up to go skiing. Crap. Oh, and his brother? Dating my younger sister.

To make things better, the two boys went home, where the hurt one through a hissy fit and shut himself into the bathroom. My mom tried to get him to come out, but finally got tired out and left.

Meltdown #3: My cat.

My boyfriend and I noticed that one of the cats had a sore on her leg. We took her to the vet who said: 1) Cat is allergic to her food and is getting a rash on body that makes her itch and 2) Cat is stressed and licking the rash to the point where the fur is coming off.

On the bright side, the vet was somewhat helpful. She gave us a baby dropper and medicine that we have to force down the cat's throat twice a day. She also told us to make sure she avoids stress. Now, I don't know about you, but I think that the baby dropper shoved in her throat will stress her to the point that she'll be completely bald by the end of the week. Oh, and visiting my family while we go to New Orleans - that will be great for her too, since they have dogs and kids and wet paint and who knows what else.

So, in sum, I paid $80 to find out that the cat is neurotic. Somehow, I think I knew that around the time the cat started wanting to take showers with me. It was like a red flag of sorts.