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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

I've Created a Monster

My mother, blessed as she is with many gifts, has never been good with technology. Her friends complain that she still doesn't know how to check her voicemail. The concept of "minutes" on the cell phone eludes her - as does the fact that it's a different number than the house phone.

Needless to say, computers and the internet are not her strong point. A few years back, I left her alone with the computer when she was trying to type something. When I came back, she had cut the mouse cord and BURIED THE THING IN THE BACKYARD, complete with gravestone (I guess she's a little eccentric, but I digress).

Anyhow, so I've been working with her on how to email people, mostly to make her stop calling me at work. I've set up her account, showed her how to use it, and I check it for her too to make sure that if she needs to see something, I can call and tell her to check.

She recently sent me an email asking me a question about the dance school, and added at the bottom a comment about a co-worker at my temp job (I've been telling her some stories, which those of you who knew me before my blog was eaten know are super funny). Good thing I use nicknames for them with her, because she took my reply and forwarded it to the WHOLE DANCE SCHOOL.

So now all of these parents have an email from her talking about "Bubbles" (former cheerleader's new, self-given nickname) and how she hopes she gets fired soon! I'm so very, very glad I didn't put anything about her in my reply.

I also need to explain to her that those chain letters people send you aren't real. Or at least not to forward them to all of her students and (more importantly) me.