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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

Have Law Degree, Don't Read

It appears that Bubbles believes that she is going to work at the Office of the Attorney General. This is based on the fact that she applied before the deadline. But she only wants to work there because she wants to use her legal degree before she marries [boyfriend of less than three months].

A few problems for Bubbles:
1) She doesn't qualify under the honors program, since she graduated and not in school / clerking
2) She doesn't qualify as an experienced attorney, since she graduated less than a year ago
3) She's not really barred since she opted for inactive status for her state bar (and thus, is doing wrong every day by practicing as a licenced attorney).
4) She mentioned in her essay that she was only going to work until boyfriend proposed.

But she's "gonna be a shoe-in because she keeps track of Law & Order." :)

Wow. That is dense. I heard of people going to school to get their M.R.S. degree, but I really didn't believe that a woman would go through all that education just to pass the time 'till she got her meathooks into a man.

She better hope that she doesn't get an interview and have to explain her practicing law with an "inactive" licence.

Actually, I really hope she DOES get it and have to explain. Then she'd be called out on it, instead of here where she's just allowed to get by since she's semi-pretty.
(I would say she is pretty, but I've seen prettier and she exploits it too much)

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