Monday, June 19, 2006 

Metro Sucks

Well, today was FUN. I had my commute go from forty minutes ish to TWO AND A HALF HOURS. That's right. At least I was not wearing a suit today - I wore jeans and a tank top to work since it was going to rain and I was basically the only one there.

I was at the Metro around 4:30 today. Someone was sick at AU on the Red Line. No trains running - a delay of "ten minutes." Sure.

At 5:17 PM the first train came by. Problem: it didn't go to the end of the line, only Grosvenor (a few stops down). OK. I can wait.

Seven more trains. One got my hopes up - but then it changed from end of the line to a few stops down before my eyes. People are building up on the platform. They are single tracking the trains.

Finally, one for me. We're crammed like sardines. My forehead is against a hard metal pole, and this woman's purse is jamming my back. We go one stop. The doors jam open. We offload, amidst cursing and muttered threats.

Another train comes by. Not to the end of the line. An end of the line comes. Packed to the gills - maybe four people get on in front of me. I almost get stuck because some guy tries to push us both on - when there is no room. After the train leaves, I almost fall into the tracks.

Yet another train goes by. Then I get on a train! Small problem with this train. No lights, no air conditioning, and packed to the gills too. No matter - off we go, bumping into people. I love the smell of angry federal employees.

We get out of the tunnel to the open air. It's raining, and the metro car I'm in leaks. Not on me (since I'm rather short and a big tall intern was hovering over me). He got soaked, and he made a pretty good umbrella.

Actually it was really funny since he kept trying to hit on me. He was very obviously 1) not from here and 2) not even 18. I told him that I was way too old for him and had a boyfriend. He didn't believe that I was too old (I look maybe 17 most days - sad but true - it's the long ballet hair I think). Finally I told him I was an attorney and to buzz off. Then he believed me. And it turns out that I used to work with his dad at NIST. I thought he looked familiar. Then he was grossed out.

BTW, if you get grossed out that way, don't call your dad within hearing distance of me! I know who you're talking to!

In other (slightly related) news, this weekend I took my little sister (six years younger) to lunch. The people there got really confused - they thought we were twins. Which was nice, in a way. But then they thought my ID was fake. Which was a whole other issue.

Monday, May 15, 2006 

Turning Down a Job

I turned down a job today. It seemed like a really good fit. I really liked the office, the work I'd be doing, and my commute would have ROCKED. But there were two problems: salary and driving.

Surprising, the salary wasn't the big thing. I think I could have gotten it raised to what I'm earning now, so that was almost a non-issue.

But the driving? I applied to a place that is ONE BLOCK from the metro. And my boss wanted me to drive into work every day so I could drive to the courthouses!

Oh, no. Oh hell no. I do not drive on the Beltway. DO NOT EVER.

And so I turned down a job I probably would have liked alot, based on my fear of gridlock. I'm that person that you hate - the one who goes the speed limit exactly and is too scared to really move. So I avoid highways and stick to good old country roads. I feel more secure on them (esp. since my car shakes at 55). In a way, this is good for all those people who hate drivers like me on the highway. At least I know to stay off of it.

Friday, April 28, 2006 

Best Boyfriend

I think I have the best boyfriend in the world. He passes the bar, and I get flowers! So sweet.

Thursday, April 27, 2006 

Toilet Times Two

Why is it that today I had to explain to a thirty five year old man that a dixie cup on a stick will not unclog a toilet? And that it's the SECOND time he's done something so stupid and we've had to call a plumber? Further, since we have a perfectly decent plunger, why not use it?

At least my co-worker who isn't really licensed as an attorney left. Thank goodness. She freaked me out just by being there - I felt dirty just being in the same room. (yeah, I know... I got some problems, but eh).

Oh, and it appears that chicken pox is running through the studio... the week before recital. Just what I've always wanted. And although I've had it, my brother hasn't. And he's in like five dances and my mom pulled him out. Paranoid.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Back to Square One

So. Interview was cancelled.

I don't understand why they would offer me a job I'm not qualified for, then get mad at me for not being qualified? (It was for a transfer position). I'm baffled.

And now I'm trapped.

Thursday, March 30, 2006 

Small Annoyances

So Bubbles and her clique decided to go out for drinks today. And while I don't want to join them, it REALLY bugs me that they invited everyone else in the office by name if they wanted to go - except me. So it's more of a let's-not-talk-to-lawdancer thing. Not cool.

Honestly, they are so annoying at work it makes me want to scream. Today, they discussed every pair of jeans they own, and how their boyfriends don't have nice enough jeans. How boring. Luckily I'm in another room actually working, so I can tune them out for the most part.

But still . . . it reminds me of high school. Particularly since these aren't the most ethical girls. Well, at least one of them (who pads her time sheet and still isn't licensed. It is so hard to treat her with any kind of respect, because I have none for people like her. I wish that she would face some kind of consequence sometime for it, particularly as she pretty much drifts through life, capitalizing on her parent spoiling her.)

I need to get out of here as fast as possible. Preferably to a place where they only hire licensed attorneys.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 


So, I have a co-worker who says she lives in New Orleans (which I confirm she didn't - she lived there when she was eight, years ago). And today she goes on and on about the damage and her family and how they reacted - except for the fact that SHE HASN'T BEEN BACK, AND HER FAMILY ALL LIVES UP HERE AND HAS FOR YEARS.

And my co-workers are hanging on her every word.

But when I started working here and the hurricane hit, did they care? No.

When I came back from visiting New Orleans a few weeks ago, did they want to know anything? No.

So instead of hearing truth, they are listening to how all people from New Orleans are stealing, lying crack whores who loot everything they can touch (her words - not mine). I know that's more interesting, but still. I find it incredibly annoying.